Company Overview

We have started our operations in 2006 to provide medical imaging services to the medical community of Dubai and their patients. This followed our research in 2005 indicating a need for premier quality imaging center and reliable reporting.

When we started, the challenges were very high especially since we were the fourth center to open in a competitive market; further, the growth rate in Dubai was very high and so was inflation.

From our first day of operation, we insisted on providing quality service to our patients and to our referring physicians. We have been following very high standards of medical diagnostic services since. To make sure that our services follow high international standards, we applied for ISO accreditation when we started our laboratory, and in April 2010, we got Accreditation with ISO 15189. In April 2012, we were the first center to be accredited in the area by Accreditation Canada with Gold Standard. We were also the first center to use RIS/PACS system.

At the start of financial crisis, we have decided to expand and we are the first to get 1.5 Tesla Extremity MRI, and up until now, we are the only center to have it in the region. For the last two years, we started the expansion of the new center in Dubai in Umm Suquem 2 in order to service the procedures we cannot do in our Main center and to cater to the needs of patients living near the western area of Dubai and we are very proud of what we have made. We are the first center to install Siemens AERA, state of the art 1.5 Tesla which is fully-loaded with hardware and software that includes special Neuro package, MRI Breasts package and a table with built-in coil for total spine and total body imaging. We can do MR Enterography MRLiver, MRCP, MR Angiography, and MR Venography. The MRI gantry opening is 70cm instead of the usual 60 cm. The depth of gantry measures 140 cm instead of the usual 2.2 meters So we have got the benefits of both concepts-- the high resolution of the 1.5 Tesla Closed MRI machine and the openness of the Open MRI Machine.

Our radiologists and pathologists follow the highest standards of quality reporting practiced in United Kingdom, USA and Canada.

We would like to thank all government agencies who helped us in getting this center built-up quickly, especially Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Municipality, DEWA and above all, we thank the strong support we receive from His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

It is our commitment to keep improving and growing knowingly we are considered now one of the biggest independent diagnostic center in UAE.

Vision and Mission


“Our goal is to make your visit as pleasant and comfortable as possible and to provide your physician with a speedy and accurate diagnosis of the results of your scan”.


To make the patients visit as pleasant and comfortable as possible.


Patients and Referring Physicians
  • Committed to delivering patient-centered diagnostic services
  • Committed to high quality care for all patients
  • Invest in latest technology machines for improved diagnostic reporting
  • Value and respect the rights and needs of each patient
  • Committed to confidentiality of patient information and health conditions
  • Provide timely appointments for patients' time preference
  • Understand the importance of giving reports to patients/referring physicians
  • Patients are treated with full respect regardless of nationality, gender or belief
  • Always upgrade modalities and settings in order to satisfy patients' and referring physicians’ needs
  • All physician and patient feedback are taken seriously for enhancements to service
  • Staff
  • Ensure a balanced work load and treat all our staff equally
  • Hire highly qualified and specialists in their field
  • Promote continuous learning
  • Open to discussion and encourage initiatives
  • Maintain high ethical, cultural values among all staff members and in dealing with patients
  • Comply with DHA requirements, and UAE's labor law policies and rules and regulations in managing our centre
  • All staff members' opinions are valued and listened to
  • Patient Bill of Rights

    This Patient Bill of Rights is in accordance with DHA Rules and Regulations.

    1. The patient should fully understand and practice all his/her rights. In case of any questions or queries, please contact our patient care officer.
    2. The patient has the right for full disclosure of all the cost and information related to all diagnostic services that are done at our centre.
    3. The patient has the right to receive impartial care and respect of their values and beliefs, free from all forms of abuse, neglect, harassment, and discrimination.
    4. The patient has the right to receive comprehensive medical care in order to aid in correct diagnosis and treatment of his/her illness and/or injury.
    5. The patient has the right to receive immediate care according to DHA rules and regulations in case of emergencies.
    6. The patient has the right to be called by their proper name and know the names of the health care members involved in their care.
    7. The patient has the right to receive comprehensive information about his/her diagnosis.
    8. The patient has the right to have an interpreter (if available) if the language presents a barrier to understanding details of his/her comprehensive medical care.
    9. The patient has to sign a written consent before a medical procedure after revising all information that is needed (according to DHA regulations). This must include benefits, available alternatives and all risks.
    10. The patient can obtain a medical report and a copy of medical test results which will be charged according to ARCCL disclosed price list.
    11. The patient has the right to have full respect of privacy and confidentiality about their care at all stages especially during the performance of all examinations.
    12. The patient has the right to accept, decline, or withdraw the requested diagnostic procedure from the referring physician. Note: A signed refusal form is required for this. For persons who are not directly involved in their care, they must have prior< permission to attend their case discussion, examination, or treatment.
    13. The patient has the right to expect that all communications and records about the procedure are confidential unless disclosure is allowed by law or as mentioned in the registration consent.
    14. The patient has the right to have a family member or guardian as an escort depending on availability and health status, as per DHA regulations. However, due to medical reasons, certain units don't allow this.
    15. The patient has the right to receive complete explanation of causes to be transferred to another care centre, consequent obligations (financial and administrative - if any) and alternatives.
    16. The patient has the right to receive detailed information about the bill.
    17. The patient has the right to voice out any complaints or concerns about the care that they receive.
    18. The patient has the right to considerate, compassionate, and respectful care.
    19. The patient has the right to be protected during treatment from any physical, verbal or psychological assault.
    20. The patient has the right to view medical record under the supervision of trating doctor or medical team staff, according to DHA rules and regulations.